The roots of the Shaping Bay run deep in the action sports industry. Hints the name “The Shaping Bay” (The room in which a surfboard is crafted). The Shaping Bay uses the phrase “Advocate Agency” to describe the work that they do. This is because with the projects, organizations, and campaigns that they take on, not only do they strive for excellence with each of those but they do so because they believe in the work and the purpose behind it.

From graphic design to video production, marketing materials to websites, it’s all Handcrafted in the Shaping Bay.

As the Shaping Bay has brought together a collaborative team of like-minded dreamers and innovators, they are striving to always be on the cutting edge of not only what is current but most importantly what works in the markets they are involved in.

One of the infamous pioneers of this mindset, Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just how something looks and feels, design is how it works.”

Shaped from the ground up, this is the goal for the Shaping Bay; to create projects that both accomplish their goals and far exceed their expectations.