In 2019, in a 3 way collaborative effort, Ride Nature, Shaping Bay Studio, and Moving Mountains will be linking arms to create a project that will be centered around equipping, empowering, and inspiring a generation of leaders that are willing to step up and lead skate ministry on a global basis.

There are an estimated 9,600+ public skateparks around the world. Over 3,000 of those parks are right here in the United States.

In a recent study conducted here in America the results showed that 80% of individuals between the ages of 16-30 want nothing to do with anything “spiritual”, especially Christianity. The days of hosting events and working to get people to come to "church" or even step in the door are getting more and more difficult.

The goal for this campaign/project is to change the way people think about “church” specifically within the skate community. In North America there are 400,000+ evangelical churches. The hope is to inspire others to recognize the opportunity for ministry that exists right in their backyard.

The plan is to film and release a short documentary film titled "Skate Church" that will tell the history of this vision as well as highlight several leaders who are living out this vision weekly. The film will be hosted at the website ( which will also house resources focused on inspiring, equipping, establishing, a network of Christian leadership at skateparks globally. One of these resources will be a 52 week devotional written and produced by skate leaders from around the world.

The goal for this endeavor is to make it entirely ambiguous. There will be no branding, logos, credits, or even a contact page. The hope will be that it will be a shared resources that anyone can use, share, promote, and leverage. skateparks around the world.


In 1987, while attending Portland Oregon Bible College, Paul Anderson and Clint Bidleman recognized a need to reach out to their local skate community. Encouraged by Central Bible Youth Intern John Stone to start a weekly gathering to reach those "that didn't quite fit in", Paul and Clint joined forces with Youth Pastor Mark DeYmaz and founded what is still known and recognized worldwide as "Skate Church".


The work of Paul and Clint has spread worldwide. The influence and ground work laid by these two men has led to countless individuals stepping out in faith to reach their local skate community. Through either the establishing of Christian skate facilities or just simply using existing public skateparks and meeting together on a regular basis...the story and concept of "Skate Church" is one we believe needs to be shared.

The goal/objective with the film/documentary is to clearly show the simplicity of reaching individuals where they are and the objective of bringing the church outside of the four walls. To love intentionally and be committed consistently creates not only an individual impact but a true discipleship movement. We believe this film will both inspire and motivate others to take a step in faith to do the same not just through skateboarding but through countless other avenues and venues.


The estimated funding that would be needed to accomplish this entire project is $15,000. This would include the production costs for 1,000 DVD's of "Skate Church", publishing 1,000 52 Week Devotionals, the production costs to travel and film in 10 different cities, as well as some other media, marketing, and distribution expenses.

As these ministry partners have come together, they have compiled a list of nearly 100 potential contributors but are still actively seeking individuals that would like to be a part of this vision and concept. They are working on locking in a final 52 contributors that will be responsible for curating the content for this devotional series. If you are passionate about Jesus, skateboarding, and are actively and intentionally reaching out to your skate community we would love to encourage you to get involved with this project.

If you are currently and consistently gathering together with your local skate community to disciple and mentor local kids this team would love to talk with you about also being a part of the film. It doesn't matter if you are meeting under the banner of "Skate Church" or another name, but they are looking for those who are meeting at least bi-weekly and have been doing so for at least 6 months.

If you would like to learn more about this project or how you could partner please email or visit If you would like to make a donation to support this project you can do so by clicking the link below.